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Ashley's dedication and skill cannot be underestimated.

She catches more than typos. She tracks the details in your story with more skill than Sherlock Holmes himself. If your character has emerald orbs in chapter one and jade-green gemstone eyes in chapter twenty, she'll flag it.

But at the same time, Ashley's suggested edits never hamper an author's own voice. As a comedy author, it's vital that my humor carries through all parts of the editing process. I knew I was in good hands with Ashley.

She is timely, thorough, and unflagging in her skills. I also want to mention she is a trained professional. She's copy edited for years for companies, and you can tell in her work.

Carrie DiRisio, author of Brooding YA Hero: Becoming a Main Character (Almost) as Awesome as Me

Brown Owl Editing came highly recommended through a friend. I contacted Ashley about a project at the worst time possible—one week before Christmas. With a looming deadline and my previous editor out of the picture, I was desperate to find a replacement. From the first point of contact, Ashley came across as highly professional. Her response times were fabulous and her project estimates accurate. Not only did she turn my novella for a charity anthology around in less than a week, I got it back before the holiday and in less time than she'd planned. Her notes were concise and thought-provoking, but also respectful. I very much enjoyed working with her and plan to do so again!

Stephanie Keyes, award-winning author of The Star Child series

I got referred to Ashley from a fellow author who had nothing but good things to say about her. I couldn't agree more! Ashley's friendly, professional approach to editing was exactly what I needed to take my MS to the next level. She has a keen eye for details, making sure every plot point, every scene, and even every word of the story are there with purpose. I've had the pleasure of working with nearly a dozen editors within the publishing industry, and Ashley is up there with the best of them.

Brighton Walsh, author of the Reluctant Hearts series

I made the highest bid at an auction for Ashley's services to copy edit my manuscript. I wasn't expecting much because the editor, Ashley Turcotte, wasn't going to make a dime off of me. However, I was intrigued by the fact that she was willing to offer her services to help a family in need. If I won the bid, they would be getting all the money. As I placed the winning bid, I thought, well, it's another set of eyes. What could it hurt? Set your expectations low and you won't be disappointed. Besides, we're all trying to help this family in need.

Yahoo! Ashley Turcotte is incredible. She is generous, charitable, kind, funny, and a fantastic copy editor. I have never been so happy to be so wrong. She edited my manuscript in a timely manner. She updated me along the way. She gave me input regarding plot point errors that the many (at least 10) beta readers didn't find.

I hate punctuation. I hate it! I'm a storyteller, not an English teacher. Punctuation, grammar, and I are not friends. Because of this, Ashley had to work extra hard correcting all the errors in my manuscript, and she wasn't making a dime. She also took the time to teach me so that my next manuscript would be easier for me to edit. But I have bad news for her. I'm sending her my next manuscript, and I'm paying full price. This kind of integrity is worth what it costs, and her edits are fun to read. Her comments are snarky but kind. I found myself laughing at my own stupidity because Ashley has a way of making you laugh while she's criticizing you. She's being paid to criticize your work, but she throws in the laughs for free. She pointed out what I did well, and encouraged me to continue on. I can't say enough good things about the quality of her work and her character.

Dale Peplinski, author of Diggory Town and the Children of Prophecy

I lost out on a bid for Ashley's services at an auction, but we started talking, and she was so kind I went ahead and hired her to do copy for one of my manuscripts.

Best decision I ever made.

Since then, I've used her superpower skills to turn my babies into polished and query ready stories. She is a gem! Without her, I fear I'd be on the comma police's ten most top wanted, but she whips my grammar mistakes into shape in a timely manner, and always, always makes me feel like I'm a top priority.

I would recommend Ashley to anyone. She goes above and beyond, with a care and diligence that makes you feel good about your words. I'm so happy with the finished outcome each and every time.

C.B. Catalano, repped by New Leaf Literary

I was referred to Ashley and approached her about editing my novel. She took a look at the first 5 pages and gave me back the most in-depth, thought-provoking, and thorough analysis/edits that I'd ever gotten before. It was brilliant! She went painstakingly through each word, line, and paragraph, identifying inconsistencies, stylistic choices, and spelling errors. Not just grammar, but Ashley found places where I contradicted myself.

I hired her on the spot!

With great rates, fast service, and a devotion to quality, Ashley returned my entire novel to me with wonderful comments, edits, and suggestions. She even suggested another chapter that really improved the novel. Ashley helped me get to the heart of what I was trying to say and allowed me to express myself better.

My finished novel was everything I had wanted and I owe it all to Ashley's guidance.

You bet she's already hired for my next book!

Raymond M. Rose, author of The Fire Inside

Ashley has been instrumental in helping me ensure my manuscripts are prim, proper, and well polished. On top of helping with the usual grammar and spelling, she has helped to locate continuity errors and plot holes that ultimately allow me to put forward my best novel without worry. My confidence in her abilities has even helped me grow my skills as a more detail-oriented writer, and I would trust her on any project, big or small. If you need any fine tuning done at all, Ashley is definitely the person to pick!

Rachel Horwitz