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Hi! I'm Ashley Turcotte, founder of Brown Owl Editing. My work in copy editing has earned me a number of nicknames over the years, ranging from Eagle Eyes to the Goddess of Commas. I've also gotten my fair share of dirty looks for correcting grammar under my breath. Yes, I'm that person. But I've made decent progress on not making these corrections out loud. (It got a lot easier when people started paying me to fix the grammar in their manuscripts instead.)

I'm currently working as a copy editor for Entangled Publishing. I also have a number of individual clients—a mix of traditionally published and self-published authors, as well as writers in the querying or submission stages. Several of my clients have gone on to sign with an agent or land a book deal. If you're interested in seeing what they have to say about my work, check out my Testimonials page.

As fair warning, I have a profound love for the Oxford comma. But if you don't (blasphemy!), I promise I won't add them in. Just as long as you're consistent.

(And if you want to know more about me as a writer or as a person, please look here or here.)